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Thanks a lot for everything! I cannot explain you how excited I am that I got to know the Capacity Team. The kindness, support and all the encouragement you give means a lot to me and to all of us. It has been a life changing experience!

KebedeEntrepreneur 2017

This programme has been wonderful. Special thanks to the presenters, mentors and other participants.

ZouherEntrepreneur 2017

Thank you, again dear Capacity Team, for the wonderful workshops and for presenting us with such an amazing platform to learn.

TashiEntrepreneur 2017

I have never worked in an environment that represents such a safe space for all, irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, socio-economic or migratory status. Capacity is a space for everybody to shine.

ValentinaCommunity Manager

Concrete knowledge transfer; wonderful team.

IsabelArchitecture for Refugees

It was really wonderful and highly valuable! Thanks a million, to Capacity team, Mentors, Presenters and Startups!

VaidaEntrepreneur 2017

As a foreigner in a new country you can maybe feel lost, but I found in Capacity a place of support and motivation. A net made of incredible people that want you to thrive!

NicoleEntrepreneur 2020

Through capacity I got the push and support I always felt I lacked when I started my venture as a hobby. Today I feel that I can financially contribute to the family earnings and have the drive and desire to succeed because I know I have the entire capacity team to watch my back. Eternally grateful and thankful to everyone at capacity.

SunritaEntrepreneur 2021

Capacity provided me a platform to be seen and heard and feel validated as an independent working professional in this country.

JalashreeEntrepreneur 2021
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