Migration and integration:
a pressing social challenge

Our solutions

Access Fast Track Programme:
Labour market integration

Entrepreneurship Programme:
Self-employment as a path to labour market inclusion

Migration, driven by factors such as wars, climate change, and persecution, presents an ongoing and future social challenge. Individuals seek safety in host countries like Switzerland, yet newcomers encounter numerous barriers when seeking employment.

Highly skilled individuals, in particular, struggle to find positions that align with their career aspirations and qualifications. This search can span years, resulting in social isolation and economic dependence.

Addressing this challenge, Capacity provides support to individuals with refugee and migrant backgrounds, facilitating their integration into Swiss society and the labour market, whether as employees or entrepreneurs.

Continuous enrolment process

Access Fast Track Programme

Labour market integration

For highly qualified people with refugee or migrant background who are looking for a job in Switzerland

The programme facilitates the professional and social integration of its target group in Switzerland. Participants gain valuable skills to navigate the job application process and secure positions aligned with their career aspirations.

Access Fast Track fosters a supportive community by connecting project participants with volunteers from Capacity’s corporate partners, all dedicated to promoting workplace diversity.

Entrepreneurship Programme

Self-employment as a route to labour market inclusion

For people with refugee or migrant background with entrepreneurial ideas

When acquiring the knowledge necessary to initiate a business, the participants rely on personalised support

The programme immerses participants in a supportive community, offering them mentors and coaches from corporate partners, as well as the skills and know-how needed to launch their own business or social initiative in Switzerland. Harnessing their prior professional expertise, these entrepreneurs maximise their potential in the route to self-employment.

Programme break for re-design; Expected to resume second half of 2024

On one hand, there’s a shortage of skilled workers. On the other, there’s a pool of untapped migrant talent.

Through our collaboration with corporate partners and their employees who volunteer in our projects, we aim to dismantle stereotypes and raise awareness. Our goal is to create a win-win situation where talents from Access Fast Track are increasingly integrated into recruitment processes, providing them with the opportunity to contribute as skilled workers to the success of Swiss companies while enriching their diversity.

In September 2023, Capacity was honored with the Swiss Diversity Award in the “Education and Social Background” category for our efforts in fostering diversity within the Swiss labour market.

Workshops for companies

Speed Coaching and Human Library

Tailored for companies committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

Capacity provides half-day or full-day workshops for groups of up to 50 company employees. The workshops are centered around:

  • “Speed ​​Coaching with Impact”

  • “The Human Library: Opening a chapter in the lives of refugees and migrants”

During these sessions, participants gain insights into the challenges encountered by individuals with refugee and migrant backgrounds, fostering empathy and broadening perspectives.

HR Expert Training

Tailored talent development for HR teams

Designed for HR managers dedicated to building a diverse workforce

Capacity offers expert training for HR managers. The format is designed to provide assistance in assessing, hiring and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds.

Talent Placement

Hiring migrant talent to address the skilled workers shortage

For companies committed to a diverse workforce

Our highly skilled Access Fast Track alumni, coming from 43 different countries and bringing expertise in 21 diverse disciplines, stand ready to enhance your company as proficient specialists. These talents possess residency status enabling them to legally work in Switzerland.