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Ismael Shahamat – 2020
A media centre that aims to help smooth the process of integration for refugees and migrants in Switzerland.

Vaida Alisauskaite – 2019 Boost
Webmobix offers a top-notch online self-service tool for easily setting up and managing IT resources. 

Hana Harenčárová – 2019 Boost
Moms learn to code teaches women the basics of web development and related topics with the possibility to bring their children with them to the lesson.

Thomas Quintero – 2019 Boost
LIVE-PAST offers virtual reconstructions of the historical sights of a place and increasing this way its attractiveness to new generations.

Olga Shults – 2019 Boost
Lingua Academy is an online language school which provides an excellent opportunity for immigrants and refugees in Switzerland to master their competencies in European languages.

Mohammad Aldahouk – 2019 Launch
iCover an intelligent locking system.

Ebrahim Mehrno – 2019 Launch
SEO Consultancy.

Mirela Christescu – 2018
SharedWasher an App which facilitates booking time slots for shared appliances and gives real-time status updates.

Juan Camillo Garcia – 2017
Virtual Reality for Architects and Designers.

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