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Haben Kflemaryam – 2021
A social project of the Eritrean Media Association on domestic violence.

Anisa Zafar – 2021
Different services to increase women’s energy, create life work balance, improve confidence, sleep and quality of life.

Laurine Njanga – 2020
Campaign to inform Cameroonian families and communities concerned on how to work with children in the autism spectrum and provide resources for specific care.

Lorna Quinn – 2018
A high-performance coach, who works with business and sports persons to help them succeed.

Josep Carrion – 2018
A unique method for health and personal growth based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and research in neurobiology and positive psychology.

Hannah Dyke – 2018
Speech and language therapy for native English speaking children under 6 years old.

Linda Zeller – 2017
A project to support mental health in at-risk families.

Marcela Chaparro – 2017
Psychology and coaching support for the Spanish-speaking population of Switzerland with integration and development at an individual, family and social level.

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