Projects with a focus on sustainability

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Carlos Robles & Daniella Schweizer – 2020
A sustainability centre where researchers and lay people can come together and develop projects to improve the sustainability of their environment.

Verde – 2019 Boost
Fair-trade emeralds from sustainable suppliers in Colombia.

Daniela Babjakova – 2019
Trees & Seas Green Products a platform for environmentally friendly products for everyday use.

Teferi Kassa – 2018
Skills training in metalwork and upcycling as an alternative for better socio-economic integration of young African refugees in Switzerland.

Andrea Luchhau – 2018
Personalised sustainable jewellery and repair service with a social project: by processing precious metals and natural stones for Andrea, Colombian women receive an educational opportunity and a fair income.

Akim Tejan Cole – 2018
Blesseddressed Fashion creates clothes that connect and inspire people and continents, clothes that respect the environment and make a positive contribution to the fabric of our society.

Kebede Dache Dalacho – 2017
Sustainable tourism in Ethiopia and a school in southern Ethiopia for children and where adults can learn about sustainable agriculture and living.

Natalie Gewerc – 2017
Fashion Flip a platform with the right information and tools to facilitate a change in consumption behaviour.

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