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Anna Palamarchuk – 2023
An educational Start-Up to empower (Ukrainian) women to start their carrier in IT.

Dorsa Sotoudeh – 2023
A platform where Farsi-speaking immigrants/refugees can read and learn different useful personal and social skills.

Joana Ribeiro – 2022
A daycare that supports parents, with their needs and ensures the child has the best opportunities to develop their own skills surrounded by excellent professionals, in a safe and healthy environment.

Sunrita Dutta – 2021
Indian Cooking classes online and live.

Adriana Olmos – 2021
A laboratory to explore creativity by creative writing (Spanish).

Hana Harenčárová – 2019 Boost
Moms learn to code teaches women the basics of web development and related topics with the possibility to bring their children with them to the lesson.

Olga Shults – 2019 Boost
Lingua Academy is an online language school which provides an excellent opportunity for immigrants and refugees in Switzerland to master their competencies in European languages.

Inaam Al Haristany – 2019 Launch
Dar Al Farah a local association that through a school, various activities, events and courses, offers insight into the Arabic-Islamic culture and language.

Kebede Dache Dalacho – 2017
Sustainable tourism in Ethiopia and a school in southern Ethiopia for children and where adults can learn about sustainable agriculture and living.

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