Akim Tejan Cole

2018 Entrepreneur

Blesseddressed Fashion: More than just clothes!

Blesseddressed fashion is a new and exciting ethical Swiss fashion Start-up. BDF will produce beautiful high-quality designer t-shirts and pullovers. The design will be inspired by the messages of diverse people groups in workshops, where social and cultural themes that touch all of our lives are discussed.

More than just clothes!

“We believe that clothes should be more than just aesthetics. We want to create clothes that connect and inspire people and continents, clothes that respect the environment and make a positive contribution to the fabric of our society. We want our label to create a movement that increases RESPECT for all in everyday life. We want to surf on the wave of this movement to serve our vision of a more loveable world.”

Supporting social and environmental sustainability is what BDF does!

Dressing the Life: They will supply a school uniform for one student in a village in Sierra Leone during their time in primary or secondary school for every piece of clothing that BDF sells.

Supporting Activism: They will donate at least 1% of all pre-tax profits to grassroots originations which take radical and strategic action to promote equality, and protect our habitat.

Caring for the Environment: BDF will use only organic cotton, rather than pesticide-intensive cotton. Moreover, they will constantly audit the materials and resources at production sites to lessen any negative impacts on the environment.

Only Fair Labour: BDF’s clothes will be produced in safe, fair and legal working conditions throughout the supply chain. They will pay employees a living wage in relation to the location they work in.

Get in touch with Akim at a.tejancole@yahoo.com

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