Past Events

Storytelling for Inclusion | Gastronomy Editon

Capacity’s storytelling for inclusion series brings to the forefront the importance of food in our lives and how it can bring us together, as well as being a great platform to build entrepreneurial businesses. Food has interesting migration stories too, and tracing ingredients, products, and recipes across the world can keep us connected to “home”, wherever that may be.



PopUp Fair & World Refugee Day

Summer, with its never-ending supply of sunshine and healthy doses of community-building, made the perfect stage for our 2019 entrepreneurs to shine at our annual PopUp Fair and World Refugee Day celebration.

In the words of our entrepreneurs:

“What better escape from an alternate and difficult reality than finding a new family in Switzerland, the Capacity family.”

“There is a life before, during and after Capacity.”

“I came with no friends and a wild business idea, and I did not imagine that magic could happen.”
“I had this idea for more than ten years… it is all possible thanks to this programme. Thank you for pushing my limits.”

“As a refugee in Switzerland, I felt as if I lived on a different island. This program helped me to meet new people, get attention to my work, and communicate my project and goals. I could not imagine my life without Capacity.”

“You can leave Capacity, but Capacity never leaves you.”
Click here to see some of our visual impressions of our growing Capacity Family at this year’s PopUp Fair and World Refugee Day!



INFOCUS conference at the United Nations

Capacity participated for the second consecutive year in the INFOCUS conference on Volunteerism and Social Transformation. Our Valentina S. Velandirocked the panel on ‘Ensuring equal opportunities for development: focus on education and work’. She talked about the importance of our entrepreneurship and training programmes in creating self-sustaining opportunities for refugees and migrants to build more inclusive societies. 

Storytelling for Inclusion | Art & Culture

It was an intimate evening where our storytellers were an open book and shared many inspiring and empowering lessons.

This event is part of Capacity’s new module that aims to redefine the role of refugee and migrant entrepreneurs through the power of personal and professional storytelling. Click here to read more about it and see the photos!

ETH & Capacity’s Social Hackathon

Our co-organised Social Hackathon was a hands-on learning opportunity and a great way to get inspired and work together with six talented social entrepreneurs from the Capacity community on their impact-driven projects.

We invited ETH students to co-design, co-develop and test solutions for a day in a high energy setting in answer to the technical questions presented. Teams received feedback on their prototypes from a panel of experts during the day and from the audience after their final pitches.

Pitch Party

Every year Capacity celebrates the completion of each programme with a closing ceremony and pitch party. At this event, we welcome Zurich’s deeply engaged, passionate and socially-conscious entrepreneurs, trainers/mentors and executives who come together for a celebratory evening of exchange and inspiration.