2020 | Capacity Mentions & News

Federal Council support measures
for start-ups | addition to Covid-19 credits

Due to the economic consequences of the coronavirus, the Federal Council is making liquidity assistance available to start-ups in Switzerland to supplement the Covid 19 loans.


2019 | Capacity Mentions, News & Past Events

Innovator by The Red Bulletin | Capacity’s work was featured in RedBull Innovation Bulletin.

See the whole article (in German) here.

2019 | Capacity Mentions

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Thanks a lot for everything! I cannot explain you how excited I am that I got to know the Capacity Team. The kindness, support and all the encouragement you give means a lot to me and to all of us. It has been a life changing experience!

KebedeMentee 2017

This programme has been wonderful. Special thanks to the presenters, mentors and mentees ?

ZouherMentee 2017

Thank you, again dear Capacity Team, for the wonderful workshops and for presenting us with such an amazing platform to learn.

TashiMentee 2017

I have never worked in an environment that represents such a safe space for all, irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, socio-economic or migratory status. Capacity is a space for everybody to shine."

ValentinaCommunity Manager

Concrete knowledge transfer; wonderful team

IsabelArchitecture for Refugees

It was really wonderful and highly valuable! Thanks a million, to Capacity team, Mentors, Presenters and Startups!

VaidaMentee 2017