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Advisory Board

Georgette Vun

Financial and Legal Advisor

Georgette has over 15 years in the legal and structuring world of banking and finance and now advises small-medium sized companies and startups on how to set up and operate their businesses, as well as interact with their stakeholders, in a sustainable manner. She is passionate about sustainable business practices, especially staying lean and meeting customer-specific needs. Her practices are grounded in the belief that all business has an impact, socially and environmentally: that impact ought always to be positive. She is currently the Chief Legal Engineer at Tend Swiss.

I am an advisor at times, trainer and mentor at others - but always a dedicated devotee to the principles laid down by the founders of Capacity. They will be known as women who changed the world for the better.

Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden

President and CEO of the Paradigm Forum GmbH

Eleanor “Tabi” Haller-Jorden is a recognized voice in the fields of global leadership, workplace design and innovation, and social justice within the organizational context. Previously she held the positions of Senior Vice President Global Learning Strategies at Catalyst and General Manager of Catalyst Europe.

Ms. Haller-Jorden is a frequent media contributor who has been interviewed for the Wall Street Journal, BBC and CNN. Recent speaking engagements include the keynote address at the European Commission International Women’s Day Conference, the Women’s Forum (Deauville) and the Zurich-based chapter of TED. Among her numerous board and advisory roles, she is a Wilson Center Global Fellow, Strategic Advisor to EDGE Strategy AG, a member of the UN Women National Committee Switzerland and Global Ambassador to the Vital Voices Global Partnership. In April 2013, she was appointed Visiting Scholar at IMD. Ms. Haller-Jorden holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Capacity is in the business of alchemy; embedding entrepreneurship as a core competency to drive social change and business impact. It’s time is NOW as we try to navigate the white water of dramatic shifts in global talent mobility and political and social upheaval. From my vantage point, a commitment to Capacity is nothing less than a commitment to a vibrant and inclusive future.

Tashi Lama

Fair Fashion and Social Entrepreneurship

Tashi Lama comes from Nepal and moved to Switzerland in 2016 to co-found a start-up
with his partner, Carmen Lama (also known as Tashi's wife). The fair fashion label is called Thank God it's Fair Wear (TGIFW), which produces in Nepal through a livelihood project to empower women in Tashi's village. Tashi currently handles the financial endeavours, the production and supplier management. Tashi has extensive experience running his family carpet business in Nepal as a Managing Partner. He studied Management and has a diploma in accounting from ACCA, UK. He currently serves as a key advisor on social entrepreneurship and fair fashion for Capacity.

I believe in Capacity because of its radical inclusiveness which can be seen in the projects and the participants of the programmes. All the founders and the members are friends and family before they are colleagues. Therefore, they are always there when you need their support. As a migrant entrepreneur, I have found a community in Capacity. It is a place where your ideas are nourished and developed as the team genuinely believes that everyone is capable of making a change if provided with the right tools and networks to shine.

Mette Rotbøll

A people-person, entrepreneur, active board member and responsible adviser with the understanding that truly sustainable solutions are long term and target ecological, societal AND financial goals. Mette believes in long term relationships based on integrity, insight and vigilance and is always looking for more-than-profit. Her roles include leadership, governance, dot-connector, founder, listener, evaluator and investor.
Mette graduated from Copenhagen Business School with an MSc. Economics & Business Administration (Leadership) and completed programs on Corporate Governance, Business Management and HR Development at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), still active within Mentor- and Board-Network. Prior to this, she studied architecture (first part) at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in Copenhagen. Born in Denmark, Mette grew up in Australia, finished school in Denmark and Switzerland, where she has lived with Esben since 1993.

Welcoming newcomers to our society, by supporting their entrepreneurial skills and endeavours on the road to independence and integration, makes so much sense. Not only economic. A journey filled with respect, love and understanding will win the race, not one with even a trace of fear, disregard or aggression. I am honoured to be part of something as inspiring and positive as Capacity.

Mihaela Falub

Mihaela has strong academic qualifications, a broad international background, and a valuable and versatile experience in project management. Born in Romania, she left her home country more than 20 years ago to pursue a career in science, which brought her to France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

She finds many parallels between the scientific and the entrepreneurial worlds. It is all about working with creative people with enormous potential, who believe in and are truly passionate about their ideas and work, and who are always searching for solutions to the most challenging dilemmas.

After acting as a mentor for the Capacity Programme in 2017, I am thrilled to continue to be part of this adventure because I love working with dedicated people and change things for better.

Jon Mark Walls

Jon Mark Walls is a social entrepreneur, lecturer and speechwriter focused on simplifying the complexity around some of the world's biggest challenges. He has worked for the United Nations as well as various governments and NGOs on innovative ways to approach issues ranging from global health, human rights and sustainable development to climate change, child labour and eCommerce. In 2012 he co-founded GovFaces which aimed to improve interactive communication between citizens and elected representatives.

The vision and aims of Capacity focus on addressing the age-old question of how to go beyond efforts to enable vulnerable persons to the delivery of an environment that can empower them. The challenge is as global as it is local and Capacity's work with refugees and migrants can serve as a valuable model for communities around the world.

Johan Olsson

Johan is a Swedish Corporate development and Investment director, he started his professional career +20 years ago, as an oncology researcher at Karolinska Institutet, before he moved on to the private sector.
He focuses on investment and M&A scouting for investors, developing and implementing growth strategies for social impact and innovation-driven companies.

Johan found Capacity’s activities honourable, while at the same time being highly relevant in today’s society where inclusion and diversity will be paramount for driving innovation.

Nadia Diraä


Nadia has over 15 years of experience as a program manager in the field of diversity, migration and integration. Commitment and empowerment are key words for her, working with and for immigrants, women or people with a disability for quite some time. She is the former Director of Marketing and Events at Faircustomer, a webportal for social, sustainable and fair manufactured goods. She also owns her own label in organic bed linen. Currently, Nadia is Head of Administration, Organization and Projects at diabetesschweiz. She supports Capacity with financial advice and management.

I really enjoy working with the Capacity Crew, assisting them where I can. When I see how much engagement they put in their program, how much they care for the program participants and the effort they put in empowering them, I am proud to be a part of it!

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